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Can I ask you guys a favor?

I’m sorry for asking you this, it has nothing to do with you, but I really need your help.

Super Junior is coming to Brazil next month for the first time. And sadly, the place where the show will happen (Credicard Hall) doesn’t allow us to bring our lightsticks and fanlights to the show.

I don’t want to imagine Brazil without the sapphire blue ocean. So please, please, can you do one thing for me?

Here is a petition to be signed, we’ll be sending this to Credicard Hall to see if they’ll allow us to bring our lightsticks to the show.

Could you please promote and sign?

Already, thank you so much.

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    We have to spread this around ELF. No Super Show should be a black ocean..We have to help Brazil ELF so they can show...
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